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Products & Agencies

ThyssenKrupp Manex Asia Pte Ltd 

  • Carbon · Alloy · Stainless · Ni Alloys · Titanium
  • Pipes And Tubes (Seamless/Welded)
  • Fittings & Flanges
  • According To ASTM, ASME And EN/DIN ,Ex Stock And Ex Mill For New Plants, Revamping And Maintenance Business Size Range:
  • Outer Diameter D 1/4” – 20” NPS 4 – 508 Mm
  • Seamless Ferritic-austenitic tubes of material
  • UNS S31803/1.4462

Zinga – Active Cathodic ProtectionZINGA® is a one component Film Galvanising System containing 96% zinc (dust) in its dry film. It is a metallic coating and not a paint. The purity of the zinc used, is so high that dry ZINGA® does not contain any toxic elements. The zinc in ZINGA® (anode) sacrifices itself, protecting the steel beneath in a comparable and even better way than hot-dip galvanising.

Upon impact, the electron flow resulting from a potential difference between the Zinc and steel will prevent the steel from corroding. As the ZINGA® oxidises, a layer of zinc salts slowly builds up on the ZINGA® surface, closing the film and enhancing the barrier effect of the coating. Next to this, a supplementary barrier protection is provided by the binder in ZINGA®. The binder reduces the depletion of the Zinc, providing a long lasting active protection.


ITC Energy Engineering


  • New generation of light source
  • Electrode-less fluorescence lamp
  • Power Saving – 50 to 60 % Electricity savings
  • High lumen efficiency- 80Lm/Watt
  • Power Rating – 120 , 150 & 200 Watts
  • Rated running hours – 100000 Hrs
  • Product Warranty


  • High Bay Industrial Areas, Factory Workshops, Warehouse, Stadium, airports etc


MEP Systems Pte Ltd is a leading one-stop Systems Provider of Anchoring, Towing and Mooring Systems for the Marine and Offshore industry. The company specialize in the customized Design Engineering and Manufacture of equipment and provide Technical Support and After-Sales Services supported by a Maintenance Program for our customers. TechOil has been the sole agent for MEP’s products & services in Brunei for many years

  1. Mordec Deck Machineries & Cranes Anchors: Anchor Chains and Fittings, Hull Fittings, Steel Wire Ropes, Synthetic Ropes, Material Handling Systems
  1. Mordec Towing & Mooring Hardware: Anchors, Anchor Chains & Fittings, Steel Wire Rope, Synthetic Rope, Material Handling Gear
  1. Velocity WireRope Lubricating System: Velocity Wire Rope Lubricating System which is designed to leverage on the flexibility of a portable device to lubricate the wire rope.
  1. PARSON Cargo Handling Systems: Dry Bulk Handling System, Liquid Mud Handling System, Methanol Handling System, Mud Tank Cleaning System
  1. Mordec Winches :Air Winches, Electric Winches, Linear Winches

HAM-Let Technology

Hamlet group specializes in the design,development,production and marketing of high quality instrumentation valves and fittings in a wide variety of materials for high pressure ,high temperature and vacuum applications.


PARTNERING WITH ODL Engineering Pte ltd

Jack Up Solutions: Drilling Rigs, Lift Boats, WTIVs (Wind Turbine Installation Vessels), Jack-Up Barges

Fixed Offshore Installations : Jacket Structures, MOPUs, Topsides, Bridges

Onshore & Subsea Pipelines : Onshore & Offshore Pipelines, Risers and Flexibles, Coiled Tube Pipelines, PLEMs 

FPSO Solutions : Gas Dehydration Module, PW Treatment and Injection Module, Oil Separation Module, Bulk Separator Module, Utilities Treatment Module, Power Generation Module, Crude Separation Module, Gas Processing Module

Other Solutions : FEM Capabilities, Advanced Engineering Consultancy, Transportation & Installation Engineering


Rcsl Corrosion Monitoring

Rose Corrosion Services (RCSL)is a world class company specializing in Chemical Injection and Corrosion Monitoring and Inhibition, working in the Oil, Gas and Refining industries, RCSL has over 20 years of successful experience worldwide


Chemical Injection :

RCSL supply a comprehensive range of equipment used for chemical injection.

  • Two inch injection and sampling system
  • Retractable injection and sampling system
  • Chemical injection skid units


Corrosion Monitoring

RCSL supply a comprehensive range of equipment used for monitoring corrosion.

  • Electrical Resistance Corrosion Monitoring Technology
  • Linear Polarization Resistance Corrosion Monitoring Technology
  • Weight Loss Coupon Technology



Aqua Mtm Technology


Aqua MTM® is a non-intrusive tool, based on Magnetic Tomography Method (MTM) used for subsea pipeline inspections, jointly-developed by PETRONAS with Transkor-K. It evaluates defects in metal and weld joints, monitors any development of corrosion and assesses the state of corrosion based on the relative change in local stress levels in the pipeline. This has an advantage over subsea inspection of unpiggable pipelines done using a temporary launcher and auxiliary pumping to run an Inline Inspection (ILI) tool, which is often costly even for short distance pipeline.