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Pressurized Habitat

Since 2015 we have been awarded a project “Provision And Servicing Of Pressurized Habitat Offshore For BSP-ORMC” by Akersolutions where we are using The WICH system, designed to facilitate work in hazardous areas both in onshore & offshore. For the past 3 years, Techoil Company Sdn Bhd has hired more than 100 staff both onshore and offshore based and is currently in line with the BRUNEI LBD rules & regulations. We have well trained staffs expert in the field to train the people on the ground to ensure that the work is carried out with quality in a safe manner.

Techoil Company Sdn Bhd takes pride in its offer of the safe welding habitat system that provides immense savings for clients in the offshore sector. It includes automatic shutdowns systems for hazardous environments and the flexi overpressure system that allows for operations to be completed onsite while production continues. Customers are thus spared expensive and unnecessary shutdowns.